Why, Why, Why?


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Why can start some of the most difficult questions for us to answer.

For us today – Why was Proverbs written?

Fortunately, the first chapter in Proverbs lists the reasons so that we do not need to speculate at this answer.

  1. For gaining wisdom and being instructed (verse 2)
  2. For understanding insightful sayings (verse 2)
  3. For receiving wise instruction in righteousness, justice, and integrity (verse 3)
  4. For teaching shrewdness to the inexperienced (verse 4)
  5. For teaching knowledge and discretion to a young man (verse 4)

Does anyone feel like they have all the wisdom they need? Or knows how to do everything without further instructions? Or is experienced is every aspect of life?

If you’re like me, you hit slumps in your life when you just don’t know how to proceed. You read Scripture and you don’t know how they apply to your life. You get asked a question and you don’t know how to best answer.

We all need wisdom, instruction, and discretion. As we continue our journey through Proverbs, these three themes will continue. So pray today that God will reveal areas in your life where one of these three characteristics is needed, and that through Proverbs, He will speak to you and you will be open to listening and obeying His command.

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Renae Adelsberger
Renae Adelsberger

Renae lives in Jackson, Tennessee with her husband Kevin. She works in insurance and teaches middle school girls Sunday school. She has a desire to see young women grow in Christ, she writes and speaks to that end.

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