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A Fool’s Temper
My Understanding
Why, Why, Why?

A Fool’s Temper

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“You make me so…so…ANGRY!! *laughter* I’m angry!”My mother’s favorite quote from Enchanted comes from this video clip where Giselle experiences anger in the real world for the first time. In her animated world, anger doesn’t exist as one of her emotions.

Unfortunately, you and I don’t live in the angry-free 2-dimensional world of talking chipmunks either. We face daily situations that rattle us to the core, raising our blood pressure as well as the volume of our voices.

The book of Proverbs has a multitude of verses on anger, but we’ll focus on just two that relate anger with foolishness

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My Understanding


Proverbs 3:5-8

I think I just missed my turn. In 5:00 p.m. In Memphis traffic, this realization can ruin your evening. My thirty minute drive home became an hour-long excursion as my GPS said my destination did not exist and my mom reassured me on the phone that if I took a left at the next light I would eventually recognize my surroundings.

The feeling of being on the wrong path is even worse when it involves the way you approach other people. Have you ever realized that you’ve been on the wrong side of an argument? Or that your reaction to a situation was out of line?  Have you ever tried to figure out a riddle only to hear the answer and realize that you were obsessing over the wrong detail?

Have you heard this one before? Mary’s father had five daughters. The first four were named:


Most likely, what is the name of the fifth daughter?

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Why, Why, Why?


Read the first blog of the series here.

Why can start some of the most difficult questions for us to answer.

For us today – Why was Proverbs written?

Fortunately, the first chapter in Proverbs lists the reasons so that we do not need to speculate at this answer.

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