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  • Hey renae! I got your prayer card. It was in my time card folder. Thank you so much. I hope you are enjoying your new job. By the way I enjoy reading your blogs. I personally enjoy praying through the Psalms. Nearly all of them lend themselves to praying through them.

  • Hi Renae. I am your dad’s cousin and am writing a message for grandmother Iris.
    She really liked your series on Ruth as I did. Great Job! she also mentioned she does not have your latest phone number. Keep up the good work and tell your parents hello. Mac Stevens (I’m on facebook)

  • Hi Renae, I am a friend of Alan Newman’s. Your husband sent him a copy of your book, Ruth. Alan shared it with me. I find it exciting, amazing and excellent! The Lord has definetly given you a gift of writing and targeting head on what young women need. I love the comments about make-up and the way you hammer home about staying pure! I have taught Ruth twice just in the last 5 or so years and I find this book more relevant today than any other time. Please continue to write for women and exhibiting the talent and spiritual gifts that Our Father has bestowed on you! Thank you personally, and for helping to advance Kingdom work! Sincerely, Dianne Crisp

  • Hi Renae – just read your devotional on Christian and that’s right where I’m at. My son has chosen to walk away from the Lord and my heart is breaking. So, I understand what the woman in your story is going through. And there are no easy answers. But like she said, prayer is the only thing that gives peace. So, thank you for writing and sharing!

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