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Is Your Testimony Boring?

Is Your Testimony Boring?


I’ve been there before. Sunday school teacher asks a couple kids to share their testimonies in front of a group and you’re one of them. The kid before you gets up and you get that sinking feeling in your gut. Here he/she goes again. It’s not that they are insincere; it’s just that their testimony is so exciting and yours is, well, it’s boring.

Everyone claps and brushes away tears as the kid in front of you finishes telling about how his/her parents died, their uncle abused them, their grandma abandoned them, they live in the children’s home, but God has protected them this whole time.

You, however, accepted Jesus when you were seven, maybe younger, and have grown up in church, never really messing up ever since. Sigh. What a boring testimony. No drugs, no alcohol, not even a good fight!

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